Question 7-2022 from N

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

I have been eagerly awaiting for your book Sex, Soul & Islam to be published. I pre ordered from Claritas Books several months ago. Please kindly inform me of the release date.

From N, 35 years old, UK.

Dear N,

Claritas Books has informed us that the book is in their printing factory as of now and should be out in the market by early January 2023.

Just like you, we too have been eagerly waiting for the book to be published because we have a number of on-site educational programs lined up in Singapore, KL and UK related to the topic, all awaiting the book’s debut in the market. Pray for us that the book will finally see the light of day.

For our upcoming on-site and online programs, keep an eye on our ” EVENTS ” page on our website. If you have specific questions not related to relationship, marriage or sexual relationship per se, we encourage you to use the “Contact Us” field at the bottom of our website and provide us with your email address so we can attend to those specific questions directly to you.

Thank you for your interest.