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We hope to build a frank, open, and safe platform to ask any question regarding every aspect of marriage and family life, be it arising from what we write in our books or completely out of the blue. Questions may range from marriage preparation to adjustments to child upbringing all the way to sex-related issues and everything in between. Excerpts of the answer will be posted on our Instagram page and the full answer will be posted here. So, follow us on Instagram to get a heads-up.

All questions should be asked through the form below. The form asks for a pseudonym so as to maintain your privacy. Please use the same pseudonym if you have follow-up questions to our answer. We also ask for some personal  details to better understand your back story, which will aid us in our response.

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  1. we will try to answer every question as completely as we can
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Note: Indemnity (6) is meant to pre-empt abusers of the platform out to create mischief. It is not meant to limit the scope of your questions. If your intention is purely to understand certain issues, just give it a shot and let us decide whether to answer it or not. Insya Allah, if your intention is pure, it will come off as genuine and we will answer them no matter how outrageous you may think the question is.

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