About the Book

“Sex, Soul, and Islam” tells a story of an unlikely alliance between two opposite elements of the human experience – the carnal and the spiritual. The sexual instinct could potentially spoil the soul’s quest for Paradise. Instead, they become companions when a believer embraces Islam’s revelations on the sex-soul connection. This book situates sex in its worldview of Life, revisits the spirit behind the letter of its sexual laws, and describes how paradises on Earth could thrive where lovers may dwell in tranquillity, love and mercy.

Along the way, it explains how marriage anchors this alliance, reframes a prevalently male-serving view of conjugal rights, reintroduces sensual pleasuring as the underlying theme behind the Islamic outlook on lovemaking, and discusses how classical stances regarding sex might stack up against  new-fangled sexual hang-ups like pornography, oral sex, sex-toys, fantasy sex-plays and BDSM, among others – using insights from the social sciences, sexual therapy ideas and the writers’ own counselling experience.